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Sea-horses reproduced in local lab

The Nha Trang Oceanography Institute has stated to successfully reproduce white-body sea-horses (Hippocampus kelloggi) in its laboratory.

From a pregnant sea-horse, the institute’s scientists have developed a flock of 300 sea-horses after 9 months. Each fish is 22cm long and weighs 38g and has a survival rate of 60 percent.
Hippocampus kelloggi is one of the three biggest sea-horse species in the world and can reach a maximum length of 35cm.
Researchers hope to reach a point where they are enough to seahorses to help replenish ocean stocks.
“We can then release sea-horses back to the sea to enrich the resources of sea-horses,” said researcher Ho Thi Hoa.
Recent research works show that Hippocampus kelloggi contains high contents of amino acid and HUFA acid, especially DHA. The high contents of zinc and iron (160 microgam/gam) in sea-horses can help improve the immune system.
Vietnam has seven species of sea-horses and many have been over fished. The Nha Trang Oceanography Institute has successfully reproduced five species in laboratories.